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Russian village

 Aim of the Project  – to contribute to the development of agriculture, to support small and medium size businesses in agriculture, to ensure effective functioning of agricultural businesses,to revive Russian villages.

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Forum “Russian Village – 2017


Forum “Russian Village – 2017” will take place from the 8th till the 9th of June, 2017, Moscow, Exhibition of National Economy Achievements (VDNH), pavilion No 75. 

The exposition will include the following sectors:

gal Agrofarm, industrial and small farmsimg

gal Products and equipment for plant production

gal Processing of agricultural products

gal Grain processing

gal Feed production

gal Veterinary

gal Animal farming, poultry farming and aquaculture

gal Natural recourses management

gal Human recourses for rural areas

gal Transport, telecommunication and logistics

gal Infrastructure and financial instruments in rural life

gal Products “from Field to Store Shelf”


Expected visitation: more than 5 000 representatives of large, small and medium agricultural business from different regions of Russia, CIS and foreign counties.

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